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How can I get involved with ILP?

ILP eligible youth are usually referred to ILP by their child welfare workers or probation officers. If you are eligible for services and have not been referred already, you may walk in and speak to one of our coaches to register for ILP services.

Together with the child welfare worker or probation officer, a youth should complete a Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP) prior to referral to ILP, and the TILP should be sent along with the referral form or the out-of-county referral form to the ILP office, either via fax 510-667-7629 or by email to [email protected]. (An additional TILP will be completed with each youth during their time with his or her ILP coach, and the TILP will be updated every 6 months.)

Another form to use in order to get involved with ILP is the Request For Service Form (RFS Form). Click HERE to fill out this form. Complete this form and email it to [email protected].