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ILP continues to enhance housing options for emancipating foster youth through partnerships with The Next Steps Collaborative. Contact the worker of the day for more information at 510-667-7694. To apply, download a Next Step Collaborative application here.

Bay Area Housing Programs

Side by Side

  • Offers scattered sites in the East Bay; Castro Valley, San Leandro, and Hayward.
  • Parenting units, max of 1 child
  • Mental health support, and case management.
  • Minors, AB 12 and THP+ (10 slots)
  • Contact for Intake: Jenaha Whitt
  • Phone: 510-695-0941, Email: [email protected]


  • Offers scattered sites in the East Bay: Oakland, Hayward, and Castro Valley
  • Parenting units/ single unit/ no child limit
  • Case management, therapist on-site
  • THP+ Only
  • Contact for Intake: Clarisse Baker
  • Phone: 510-270-1191, Cell Phone: 510-456-5984, Email: [email protected]

Rising Oaks

  • Offers single site and single units: Oakland
  • Parenting units/ max 1 child
  • Case management and onsite staff, mental health services, employment specialist and peer mentor, and psychiatric support.
  • AB 12 and THP+ (5 slots)
  • Contact for Intake: Anu Nagaraj
  • Phone: 510-301-8306, email: [email protected]

Beyond Emancipation

  • Offers host housing (28 slots) and community housing: 2 house for singles male/female, parent housing females in Oakland.
  • Parenting units are community living
  • Case management, coaching, refers out for mental health services.
  • AB 12 and THP+
  • Contact for Intake: Kamela Stewart
  • Phone: 510-667-7683, email: [email protected]

First Place for Youth

  • Offers scattered site, single site (Alameda) and youth select: Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro, Castro Valley, and Hayward.
  • Parenting units no child limit/ single unit
  • Case Management and Education and Employment
  • AB 12 and THP+
  • Contact for Intake: Jessica Ruiz
  • Phone: 510-473-8198, email: [email protected]

Environmental Alternatives

  • Offers housing throughout Northern California
  • Housing, coaching, schooling, and employment
  • Contact Person: Dylan Morgan
  • Phone: 916-899-0590, email: [email protected]

THP+ Program ONLY

  • THP+ only grants you 24 months
  • Alameda County Dependents do not have extensions past 24 months.
  • Fills out Next Steps Collaborative (NSC)
  • Returns application to one of the 5 providers to check eligibility.
  • If eligible, will be placed on the coordination list for a program to pick up the referral once there is availability.